O N A N D ^2 O N


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Our hell is a good life-

Because there's no shame.

Time is strange. If we're not anticipating for its appropriate arrival, we are doomed to waste it, run out. Do we ever know when we really have it in our possession? 

I spent a lot of years never having time. I mean, I would've killed for an extra hour every day in college to finish assignments, and hell, to finally sleep. Fuck, I was so restless. So now I sit and wonder with all the time I've had, had I done enough with what I was given. To quote Morrissey, I agree: "Time's tide will smother you."

So with that in mind-

This is that time of year where I recap and present you with a proposal for this year's theme. Truth be told though, last year's collection, "G R I T" didn't have many pieces featured. It was a year of contributing artwork for clients, pushing back on my drafting-to-final process finally, and intertwining graphic design elements into the illustrations. I'm thankful you have all been patient with me around theses projects- thank you thank you thank yooooou.

I really do appreciate it- honest.

And in the process of finding a new theme for each year, I go back to my journal entries and notes on my phone to reflect on what I've been feeling throughout those months. There is always some growth I'd like to make in my process and portfolio, regardless of the lack of direction in my career. So I saw a lot of myself last year that wanted to share more of my process in my work, and sketches that help me get from point A to B. It comes from understanding that other perspective of following an artist and wondering how they start with an idea and bang out something fucking rad in a day. To me, that's always been the more engaging component to other artists in the field and what inspires me to try a new technique, color scheme, new process.

With the studio finally set up to handle the tablets, computer and drafting table away from my bed, here's to hoping for some sorta awesome stuff this year. I've finally cut my bangs again, have the record player going, and a shit ton of tea stocked. theHOLOGRAMzine will be worked on (thanks for yr patiencceee), catch the stories and #wip posts on Instagram, sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on new prints and products, watch your Twitter feed roll in a tweet about me being cold and stay tuned. 

So let's call this one

"On And^2 On" 

(On And On And On). 

xxo, mair. 

xxo, mair.