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I spent almost two weeks without my computer, and can I say this? It was possibly the worst time to get it fixed, but I'm crazy thankful that it's working and to have it back in my possession. And it's not because I'm attached to it, but holy guacamole! These last two weeks have been insane and full of so many things going on around me. But let's cut to the chase.


So as of yesterday, it's official. I am moving back to that silly small town I grew up in. Y'know, the one somewhere hidden in all those other towns in Morris County. I initially was trying to avoid this decision, however, there were initially countless reasons pointing me back down Route 46 West. Half of those reasons don't exist now (like I said, crazy two weeks), but it's fine! I need a break anyways.

I don't think I realized the intense amount of feedback I'd get from doing this crazy illustration stuff. It's only been 8 months in and I can't keep up with the amount of work offered! Which is good! But not with all these jobs I throw myself in, the hours I dedicate to retail. This seemed like the best opportunity to pull back from working these non-related art jobs and focus on commissions! Doing that comic series I've been trying to start since January! Zines! Your projects you give me! At the end of the day, it was a decision I made to better myself and work to my potential. And I probably need a break from all these years of hopping around all these homes, changing addresses.

I've got a lot to learn right now and would like to focus on that. And well, see all your lovely faces again. I'm not gonna be 24 forever or something (unless they open a Forever 24 shoppe [bad joke, I know]).

I'll be packing away all my shoes and art supplies in the next week and a half, and getting ready to transition into a life where I can catch up on my personal life, artwork, y'know. And I will still be frequenting the same areas I currently do. I'm not disappearing; relax. 

Thanks to everyone whose supported me the last few years. I don't think I would've met most of you if I lived in my hometown all these years. And I'm stupid thankful for everything you've all done. All I can look forward to here is continuing these friendships and relationships I've developed over the years.

And all I can look forward to is mystery, cuz nothing is permanent and almost everything in life can be disposable. It's crazy. I have absolutely no clue what's coming my way.

So bye Essex County, and it's cool to see you again Morris County. P.O. Box, address, etc will be updated in the coming weeks.


And side note; got health insurance til December! It's gonna rule.

'til then.