O N A N D ^2 O N


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Our hell is a good life-

Because there's no shame.

Time is strange. If we're not anticipating for its appropriate arrival, we are doomed to waste it, run out. Do we ever know when we really have it in our possession? 

I spent a lot of years never having time. I mean, I would've killed for an extra hour every day in college to finish assignments, and hell, to finally sleep. Fuck, I was so restless. So now I sit and wonder with all the time I've had, had I done enough with what I was given. To quote Morrissey, I agree: "Time's tide will smother you."

So with that in mind-

This is that time of year where I recap and present you with a proposal for this year's theme. Truth be told though, last year's collection, "G R I T" didn't have many pieces featured. It was a year of contributing artwork for clients, pushing back on my drafting-to-final process finally, and intertwining graphic design elements into the illustrations. I'm thankful you have all been patient with me around theses projects- thank you thank you thank yooooou.

I really do appreciate it- honest.

And in the process of finding a new theme for each year, I go back to my journal entries and notes on my phone to reflect on what I've been feeling throughout those months. There is always some growth I'd like to make in my process and portfolio, regardless of the lack of direction in my career. So I saw a lot of myself last year that wanted to share more of my process in my work, and sketches that help me get from point A to B. It comes from understanding that other perspective of following an artist and wondering how they start with an idea and bang out something fucking rad in a day. To me, that's always been the more engaging component to other artists in the field and what inspires me to try a new technique, color scheme, new process.

With the studio finally set up to handle the tablets, computer and drafting table away from my bed, here's to hoping for some sorta awesome stuff this year. I've finally cut my bangs again, have the record player going, and a shit ton of tea stocked. theHOLOGRAMzine will be worked on (thanks for yr patiencceee), catch the stories and #wip posts on Instagram, sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on new prints and products, watch your Twitter feed roll in a tweet about me being cold and stay tuned. 

So let's call this one

"On And^2 On" 

(On And On And On). 

xxo, mair. 

xxo, mair. 




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in the last few months, i've balanced commission work and the day job with an internship at COMICSVERSE . they gave me the opportunity to work with incredible writer CHRIS GALVIN and amazing editor KRISTINE DON to bring you our webcomic MY THESIS: HOW COMICS SAVED MY LIFE

here's a look at one of the pages for the webcomic below. click HERE to see the rest of the webcomic and please check out chris galvin's writing at his website HERE


xxo, mair. 


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some H I G H L I G H T S from a few of my jobs within the last year.

extending from

  • new brunswick,
  • springfield,
  • jersey city,
  • nutley, 
  • ledgewood, nj &
  • the flower district in the city(nyc) .
2015-02-15 12.19.30.jpg

& here's a shot from hangs in philly-

F O R E V E R yr sleepy grrrl,



shift like landslides-

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Commissions are open for the season- feel free to contact me at mairsierra@gmail.com for any inquiries. No commission is too small, so reach out. 

New Mailing Address forArt Trades/Mail:

121 Newark Ave.

Suite #577

Jersey City, NJ 07302

xxo, mair. 



roll out.

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seriously though; i spend a great amount of time commuting around, so i do my best to get the practice i can. anytime i've found myself waiting around after work, in between plans or just supplies to have on me away from my desk, the ones listed have led me to keep strong lines and necessary details during drafting studies. some stay in the moleskin, and some are so tight, they are ready to be transferred over once i get back home to final inks. 

i didn't add this to the list, but for a pop of color, i H I G H L Y recommend winsor and newton's 12 color water color set. it's convenient to squeeze into a backpocket or small purse. i find myself carrying water bottle caps i've washed out, and pouring out of my water bottle as a mobile water dish for painting. 


other suggestion would be one or two COPIC or TOMBOW dual markers for a pop of color/ shading, ONLY if you want color and DO NOT give the watercolors a shot. 

lastly, best sketchbook to use is anything really. i draw small scale and find myself incorporating water colors or heavy inks, so the moleskin watercolor pad has benefited me majorly over the years. i'm obviously someone who doesn't rely on expensive art supplies to get where i want in my illustrations.

the list i've made is to accommodate to travel and drafting what you can when the time you have to sketch is TBD. stay light, only take what you need so you're not stuck breaking your back with a whole assortment of paints and brushes, spilling ink in your pocket, or losing expensive pens.




also, thanks to TIME WARP in CEDAR GROVE for offering a great selection of comics to grab after work today. 


no one wants what we want.

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I spent almost two weeks without my computer, and can I say this? It was possibly the worst time to get it fixed, but I'm crazy thankful that it's working and to have it back in my possession. And it's not because I'm attached to it, but holy guacamole! These last two weeks have been insane and full of so many things going on around me. But let's cut to the chase.


So as of yesterday, it's official. I am moving back to that silly small town I grew up in. Y'know, the one somewhere hidden in all those other towns in Morris County. I initially was trying to avoid this decision, however, there were initially countless reasons pointing me back down Route 46 West. Half of those reasons don't exist now (like I said, crazy two weeks), but it's fine! I need a break anyways.

I don't think I realized the intense amount of feedback I'd get from doing this crazy illustration stuff. It's only been 8 months in and I can't keep up with the amount of work offered! Which is good! But not with all these jobs I throw myself in, the hours I dedicate to retail. This seemed like the best opportunity to pull back from working these non-related art jobs and focus on commissions! Doing that comic series I've been trying to start since January! Zines! Your projects you give me! At the end of the day, it was a decision I made to better myself and work to my potential. And I probably need a break from all these years of hopping around all these homes, changing addresses.

I've got a lot to learn right now and would like to focus on that. And well, see all your lovely faces again. I'm not gonna be 24 forever or something (unless they open a Forever 24 shoppe [bad joke, I know]).

I'll be packing away all my shoes and art supplies in the next week and a half, and getting ready to transition into a life where I can catch up on my personal life, artwork, y'know. And I will still be frequenting the same areas I currently do. I'm not disappearing; relax. 

Thanks to everyone whose supported me the last few years. I don't think I would've met most of you if I lived in my hometown all these years. And I'm stupid thankful for everything you've all done. All I can look forward to here is continuing these friendships and relationships I've developed over the years.

And all I can look forward to is mystery, cuz nothing is permanent and almost everything in life can be disposable. It's crazy. I have absolutely no clue what's coming my way.

So bye Essex County, and it's cool to see you again Morris County. P.O. Box, address, etc will be updated in the coming weeks.


And side note; got health insurance til December! It's gonna rule.

'til then.